Picture Gallery: OTG reveals Global Bazaar concepts at Newark Terminal C

USA. Leading travel restaurateur OTG has opened its first ‘dynamic’ Global Bazaar concepts at Newark Liberty Airport’s Terminal C, in partnership with United Airlines.

In what OTG described as a “first of their kind”, two new breakfast concepts, Eggy Weggy and SupremeBowl, have been introduced to cater for early morning demand, when 30% of the day’s travellers come through the terminal.

These then transform as the day progresses, both in terms of the offer and physical structure. After the breakfast rush departs, these concepts become daytime counterparts Custom Burger and Philly Cheesesteaks. The units and their development are featured in the images and video on this page.

Use of space: This video shows how OTG transforms the morning breakfast concepts into daytime restaurants

These are the first in a number of dynamic concepts set to open at Newark Airport under OTG’s Global Bazaar theme.

Since last year the company has steadily unveiled its new dining concepts at Newark Terminal C, under an ambitious redevelopment programme. A new-look gate lounge and a ‘Dining Oasis’ featuring chef-led initiatives were among the early openings.

OTG noted: “Our design partners at Rockwell Group provide us with a unique advantage in designing these transforming spaces, having designed sets for the Academy Awards in addition to numerous Broadway plays.”

OTG’s Global Bazaar introduces the first of a series of ‘dynamic’ concepts at Newark Liberty Terminal C, as seen in these images
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