Royal Agio Cigars to showcase Mehari’s flight packs – 07/10/09

On show at Cannes: This new Mehari’s Java Flight-Pack contains 50 cigarillos

NETHERLANDS. Dutch cigar supplier Royal Agio Cigars will present its completely restyled Mehari’s range at the TFWA World Exhibition later this month (Stand number: Yellow H49).

Products on show will include the newly redesigned Mehari’s packs as well as the introduction of new duty free flight-packs. The packs are designed to give the products more on-shelf impact and consumer appeal, according to Export Manager Stephan Qarimi.

“Mehari’s has reinvented itself for the duty free market without losing its precious identity and thereby boosting the important small cigar segment,” said Qarimi.

Mehari’s, one of the world’s biggest cigar brands, now includes five key products, each with their own characteristics: Mahari’s Java, Mehari’s Ecuador, Mehari’s Brasil, Mehari’s Sweet Orient and Mehari’s filter Sweet Orient.

“Mehari’s cigars are designed for the connoisseur who appreciates fine craftsmanship in a small cigar,” added Qarimi. “For more than 30 years, Mehari’s has been offering the best combination of handy-sized cigars and the use of the best quality tobaccos from all over the world.”

For details, contact Stephan Qarimi, Export Manager, Agio Cigars, PO Box 1, 5520 AA Duizel, the Netherlands, tel: +31 497 582 490, fax: +31 497 582 518, or e-mail Visit


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