Tequilera Corralejo serves up flavoured tequila and ‘prohibited’ rum

The revitalised El Ron Prohibo will be available on the global market

Tequilera Corralejo is extending its portfolio with two new flavoured tequilas: Its el Diezmo Tequila and Chocolate and Tequila Coffee Infusion liqueur will be introduced to travel retail during next month’s TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore (Stand number: B02).

Tequilera Corralejo brand owner Fraternity Spirits World will also highlight its revitalised El Ron Prohibo rum, which will be available on the global market.

According to Tequilera Corralejo its Tequila and Chocolate combines two major ingredients in Mexico’s history: tequila and chocolate cocoa. The drink, it says, has a unique taste and texture, a creamy consistency and distinct tequila flavour with notes of “chocolate real” cocoa and is an excellent after-dinner drink.

Available in 750ml bottles, Tequila Cream with Chocolate (20%abv) is presented in a golden bottle.

Tequila Coffee Infusion liqueur, also in a 750ml bottle, is created from fresh roasted coffee beans harvested in the Mexican Highland region of Chiapas and infused with Tequila for 20 days giving, according to the brand, an authentic coffee aroma and subtle flavour.

Also new is Marques De Cuba Habanero El Ron Prohibido rum, which takes its name from a story that has the King of Spain prohibiting its production in the New World. According to the tale, by the year 1700, Spanish ships were arriving in the colonies of the New World loaded with products from Spain. One popular product was sweet wine stored in barrels, which were emptied after use and refilled with Chinguirito rum produced in Mexico.

The barrels were shipped back to Spain allowing the rum to age and absorb wood flavours and aromas which, according to the story, gave it special characteristics. The rum proved popular in Spain, was regarded as a threat to sales of local products and the then King of Spain prohibited its production.

Chinguirito was also known as Habanero as Habana was the last stop on the way back to Spain from the New World.

el Diezmo Tequila and Chocolate and Tequila Coffee Infusion liquer are new to the Tequilera Corralejo portfolio
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