Torres hit by Chilean quake as company donates €50,000 to relief

CHILE. Wine company Miguel Torres has donated €50,000 to the council of Curicó, in the area of Maule, which was hit hard by the devastating earthquake that shook Chile in the early hours of 27 February. 50% of Curicó and Talca have been destroyed.

The company’s Chilean winery, situated in Curicó, also suffered extensive damage.

Miguel A. Torres, representing the fourth generation of the Torres family, has been in constant contact with the winemaker Fernando Almeda.

The Miguel Torres Chile winery in Curicó suffered substantial material losses – around 300 casks were smashed and thousands of bottles destroyed – but the main structure of the buildings withstood the 8.8 magnitude earthquake

Material losses are significant: around 300 casks were smashed; one stainless steel vat with a capacity of 100,000 litres has been cracked, losing all the wine; and thousands of bottles were destroyed. However, the main structure of the buildings has withstood the quake, and the company hopes to recover soon.

The winery’s President and fifth generation Torres, Miguel Torres Maczassek was on a business trip in the US with his family at the time and is now returning to Chile to begin the task of rebuilding with the rest of the team.

The needs of their staff whose homes have been considerably affected by the earthquake are also being studied so that urgent action can be taken.


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