Turkish Airlines suspends duty free services – 07/04/09

TURKEY. Turkish Airlines has suspended its inflight duty free services, effective from 1 April. Inflight concessionaire Setur Duty Free told The Moodie Report that it has ended its contract with the carrier.

Setur said the airline gave no indication about when, or if, it might re-start selling duty free on board its aircraft.

Setur Duty Free was profiled in the October issue of The Moodie Report Digital Print Edition

A Setur spokesman said: “According to the information we were given Turkish Airlines is not considering providing duty free for now. They may change their minds in the future. Since they have taken this decision we also cancelled our ongoing inflight agreement with them on mutual terms.”

We understand the suspension was due to several factors, each of which curtailed the crew’s ability to sell duty free effectively. One reason was that Turkish Customs has tightened up its controls and procedures for the selling of duty free items on board.

In addition, Turkish Airlines and its catering partner DO&CO have introduced new systems in a bid to standardise on board catering – plus a new First Class range of services – that have also eaten into the time left to sell duty free. The move comes as the carrier strives to become recognised as a 5-star airline, and to develop its reputation for high-end services.

Setur Duty Free is Turkey’s leading inflight concessionaire, with operations on board Pegasus Airlines, Blue Wings, Free Bird, Sun Express, Sky Airlines, Atlas Jey and Iz Air. It also operates the main duty free contract at Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen International Airport and has duty free operations at Turkey’s major border crossings.


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