Unique Zürich Airport sales ‘still going strong’ despite LAG crisis – 16/04/07

Unique Zürich Airport’s Peter Eriksson: A firm believer in transparency of information

SWITZERLAND. Unique Zürich Airport has posted excellent March and first quarter gains in commercial revenues, despite the impact of the current security-related liquids crisis.

Unique Zürich Airport Chief Commercial Officer Peter Eriksson told The Moodie Report: “We are still going strong, even with the liquid restriction headache, commercially as well as on the passenger numbers.”

Sales for March across retail shops and restaurants climbed +10.9% year-on-year to CHF35.2 million (US$29 million) with airside sales rising by +14.4% and landside (affected more by the new LAG limits) up by just +6.1%.

For the first quarter of 2007 sales rose +10.8% to CHF97.2 million (US$80.2 million) with airside sales rising +14.6% and landside up by +6.0%. Last year total retail and food & beverage sales at Unique Zürich Airport reached CHF390.8 million (US$322 million).

Turnover (net sales) per departing passenger reached CHF42.50 (US$32.05) in March, a slip of -0.8% year-on-year. For the first quarter that indicator eased by -0.6% compared with the same quarter last year to CHF43.75 (US$36.08).

These figures clearly reflect the impact of the security regulations changes as airside net sales per departing passenger rose +2.4% year-on-year in March and +2.7% in the first quarter. But landside sales per passenger fell -5.1% and -4.9% respectively.

Passenger numbers show sturdy rise

Total passenger numbers rose +11.7% in March to 1,657,227. The first quarter saw a hike of +11.5% to 4,441,768.

That growth was driven mainly by European flights (origin and destination), on which numbers rose by +11.7% in March to 1,250,579 and by +12.2% in the first quarter to 3,318,752.

Importantly (from a duty free perspective) intercontinental traffic prospered, rising by +11.7% in March to 402,134 and by +9.5% in the first three months to 1,109,035. Within the intercontinental number Asian traffic flourished, rising by +10.8% in March to 184,607 and by +9.5% in the first quarter to 517,023.


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