White Gold vodka brands shine in duty free

White Gold premium vodka features a new bottle design

RUSSIA. White Gold Company, one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in Russia, is seeking new export markets for its best-selling vodka brands.

The company focuses on the export of its main brands – White Gold, White Gold Black Edition, Russian Gold and Gzhelka – to almost all CIS countries, North and Latin America, Asia and Europe.

In 2009, White Gold Company began to develop the travel retail channel in order to present its most popular brands, White Gold and Russian Gold, in duty free shops worldwide. The firm recently started to supply leading duty free operators Gebr Heinemann, Dufry and Aer Rianta International. According to sales data, the demand for both brands is dramatically increasing year-by-year, it notes.

In 2011, White Gold Company is continuing its strategy of expanding the business through organic growth and says it is ready to present its award-winning products to fresh export markets. It already exports to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Israel, Iraq, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, US, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Argentina and Vietnam.

“White Gold Company is interested in creating long-term business relations with our customers,” the company enthuses. “We are proud of our brands and confident in its worldwide success since we offer products that are distinguished not only by design but with respect to quality.”

About the White Gold Vodka brand

Recent studies have shown that White Gold Vodka is enjoyed by the most demanding consumers due to its stable product quality and premium positioning.

In June 2010 a new bottle design was presented to the market. The new image was supported by an advertising campaign in top men’s glossy magazines such as GQ, Esquire, Maxim, Playboy and Top Gear, and in onboard editions of the largest Russian airline publications, including Aeroflot, Vim Avia and S7.

White Gold Vodka sales occupy almost 13% of the the premium vodka segment in Russia. According to an ACNielsen report, White Gold vodka is among the top three premium vodkas in the main cities of Russia.

The bespoke bottle shape of White Gold Vodka features an elongated neck for easy pouring, while the polylaminate cap is a reliable way to protect products from counterfeiting. For the company’s export customers the brand name “White Gold” is written in English. This brand is exported to more than 30 countries and sold in duty free shops.

The Camus closure, which was previously used only for ultra-premium vodka, allows customers to enjoy the purity of taste. The coat of arms featured on the bottle is described as an important component, designed by a heraldry master specially for the brand. The detailed traced emblem on the label serves as a background for the title of vodka. In the lower part of the opaque bottles, the coats of arms are made with platinum embossing.

The brand name White Gold is written using an original script, while the font emphasises the ease of the new design. The frosted glass, combined with a glossy silver label attached to the bottle, evokes a softer image and aims to attract attention.

Marketed with the tagline “Pure esteem”, the advertising campaign for 2010-2011 began in airports, duty free shops and continues on the pages of popular glossy magazines Forbes, CEO, Playboy, Maxim, Esquire, GQ and Top Gear.

A line extension, White Gold Premium, contains an extract of a ginseng root, whose positive properties have been known to mankind for almost 5,000 years. Technologists have discovered a special application and developed unique production technology for this vodka with a ginseng hint.

Awards won by the White Gold brand include: Grand prix of PRODEXPO exhibition 2011 (degustation competition); Grand Etiquette 2010; International Wine & Spirit Competition 2009, UK. Silver medal; Superbrand 2006; Brand of the year/EFFIE 2006; New millennium 2004, US. Gold medal.

New brand on the market: White Gold Black Edition

White Gold Black Edition is a new ultra-premium sub-brand of White Gold Vodka. It is a transparent vodka in a matt black bottle, limited edition, and designed mainly for sales in nightclubs and trendy bars.

Introduced in Autumn 2010, the sub-brand is directly linked to the parent brand, in terms of its name and stylistically similar label. The bottle design for White Gold Black Edition retains characteristics of the White Gold attributes: rich, ornate, high quality and traditional, according to the producer.

The black bottle was developed to reflect the individual, expensive, “tuned” – like a car, the company says – version of its parent brand. The black matt bottle underlines its elegant shape, while the shiny silver label shades the muffled colour of black glass.

White Gold Black Edition is an ultra-premium vodka distilled from 100% grain grown in the central part of the Russian Federation. Triple-filtered in black coal and silver ion for clarity and a pleasant palate, it can be enjoyed by itself or mixed in cocktails. White Gold Black Edition is described as balanced with a smooth finish.

The company has created special images for classic cocktails, registered by the International Bartenders Association. To attract the consumer’s attention and create a gaming subtext, eye-catching icons tell the consumer about the alcohol impact. The icons are designed to be reminiscent of fashionable electronic gadget icons.

Aimed at cosmopolitan consumers, the brand is said to live an active night life and regularly sponsors fashion ceremonies, night parties and trendy presentations with celebrities. Information about the brand, news and photos are available on the website www.whitegold-vodka.com and in social media: Livejournal Page, Facebook and V Kontakte.

Various POS materials and gift pack options are available for White Gold Black Edition Vodka.

Awards won by White Gold Black Edition include: Best Vodka 2011. Gold medal. Tasting competition in super-premium segment; Wine-Vodka 2010 in Sochi. Winner in category Best design of bottle.

The brand was presented at the TFWA World Exhibition 2010 in Cannes.

White Gold Black Edition ultra-premium vodka has a matt black bottle and offers various POS materials and gift packs

About the Russian Gold Vodka brand

Russian Gold standard vodka has gold bar packaging

Russian Gold, one of the most popular brands of Russian vodka, is created with a base of grain alcohol and perfected by using serial filtration. The alcohol is made from 100% crops. The company uses three cereals: wheat gives lightness and roundness of flavour, rye adds a richness of flavour and purity, and barley gives the density and pleasant aftertaste. The ripe crops are grown in ecologically clean regions of Russia with clear water.

This brand was created and launched by White Gold Company in Russia in 2007, gaining a decent share of the domestic vodka market in a very short time, according to the firm. Today, the successful brand is well known throughout the Russian Federation and abroad.

Despite its positioning in the standard segment, Russian Gold is said to have all the attributes of a luxury brand:

– A closure produced from a polymeric material, which has many practical advantages.
– The bespoke bottle is partly satin, the other part is decorated using old Russian traditions.
– A bright and stylish individual bottle package in the form of a gold bar, created by leading designers, to attract consumers’ attention. It received a diploma of honour at the latest ROSUPAK packaging contest.

Russian Gold Vodka is currently presented in every distribution channel. It gained a share of over 11% in the off-trade segment in Russia, being presented in multi-national retail chains including Metro C&C, Auchan, X5, Zelgros, Spar, Globus and numerous domestic chains. Starting from 2009, it has been well distributed in the on-trade, being focused as a house brand in many trendy outlets throughout Russia and is available in most hotels owned by large international companies, both in restaurants and minibars.

From the beginning of 2010 Russian Gold was launched in the duty free channel and become a leader in its segment due to the design, quality, price positioning, merchandising and promotion, according to White Gold Company. In just one year it signed contracts with duty free operators listed in the world’s top ten list: Gebr Heinemann, Dufry and Aer Rianta International.

In 2011 the Russian Gold brand is planning to expand it distribution in the European Union, US, Latin America and Middle East countries.

Awards won by Russian Gold include: Best Vodka 2011. Gold medal. Tasting competition in low premium segment; PRODEXPO exhibition 2011 (degustation competition). Gold medal; Russian Packing 2009. Winner in category Best gift packing.


Gzhelka is the most recognisable vodka brand in Russia, known by every second adult inhabitant, according to White Gold Company. The history of the brand began in the year 1993. Since then, the brand has become a national Russian product. To maintain the popularity of the brand, White Gold Company regularly updates the bottle design and improves its quality.

The producer enthuses: “The beauty of Russian nature is represented in a new, stylish square bottle, representing mighty forests, fruitful fields, clear rivers and frosty winter. Gzhelka is a vodka with minimalistic design, excellent taste, pure in colour and time-proved quality that makes it a must-have in a standard category.”

Awards won by the Gzhelka brand include: Superbrand 2005; 10 best brands of vodka in the Russian market for ten-year period 1995-2005; United Vodka & Spirits 2002, Belgium. Gold medal; Product of the Year 2000.

About White Gold Company

White Gold is one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in Russia, founded in 2002 and has had its roots in the spirits industry since 1901. The company was named as a tribute to its most popular brand – White Gold vodka. The brand is described as the highest quality with a long history.

White Gold vodka has won various Russian and foreign awards, including the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Superbrand and Brand of the Year.

The company owns and manufactures more than 15 brands of vodka in different segments that are popular because of their quality and innovative bottle design.

All vodkas are made from 100% pure grain grown in non-polluting areas of the central part of Russia. White Gold Company’s operations comprise a distillery; a trade marketing company that operates all over Russia through the chain of distributors; and a distribution firm that operates using its own sales forces in Moscow and St Petersburg. White Gold distributes its own brands throughout numerous off-trade establishments and the most popular on-trade locations in Russia.

For further information, contact Mr. Kirill Pechenkin, tel: +7 910 488 79 50, or e-mail: k.pechenkin@beloezoloto.ru

Or visit www.whitegold-vodka.com


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