Whitehouse to distribute Olympics toy range in travel retail

Whitehouse Travel Retail has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute Olympics 2012 branded mascots and toys in UK travel retail. They will be available in limited quantities starting this month.

The Olympics range includes 20cm signature Wenlock and Mandeville skus, as well as a set of four 15cm Cuddly Collectable Wenlock and Mandeville plush pieces, which Whitehouse expects to be the overall best seller. The whole collection includes a full range of mascots, plush and collectibles including items such as playing cards and key ring and pen sets.

Prices will range from £10 for collectable plush Olympic mascots, £15 for key ring pen/sets and £5 for playing cards.

Whitehouse Travel Retail’s Olympics range includes Wenlock and Mandeville plush pieces

“As travel retailers we are all going to benefit from the visitor numbers during the 2012 Olympics in London so we are incredibly proud that Whitehouse Travel Retail has been given the distribution of plush for the 2012 Olympics. We can do some incredible business in the UK when it comes to this key destination merchandise,” said Whitehouse Travel Retail Managing Partner Geoff Hutley.

“The toys are really different and standout against the norm when compared to other plush toys due to the shape, which is recognisably modern and in keeping with the look and feel of the 2012 games.”

During the Olympic Games an estimated £1 billion will be spent on retail sales with a forecast of £50 million being spent on mascot sales alone. Mascot merchandise represented 45% of total retail sales during previous Olympic games.

Plush mascots represent 40% of all mascot merchandise, signifying it as the number one category.*

*All figures courtesy of LOCOG

For more information, contact contact Geoff Hutley, tel: +44 7875 174405, or e-mail: ghutley@whitehousetravel.co.uk. Visit www.whitehousetravel.co.uk or www.kroc.co.uk.

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