Wonderful Pistachios global travel retail expansion gathers pace

Paramount Farms brand Wonderful Pistachios is continuing its drive in the travel retail market with sales today in 38 locations worldwide.

The brand’s travel retail exclusive range, first introduced at the TFWA World Exhibition in 2012, includes a 300g pack of best-selling Wonderful Roasted & Salted pistachios and a 275g pack of Wonderful Salt & Pepper pistachios – both offered in resealable stand-up pouches with a global travel retail exclusive logo.

Paramount Farms Director of Sales James Kfouri said: “There is a clear demand for a healthy savoury snack alternative in the travel retail marketplace, and we’ve been pleased with the consumer’s reaction to the brand and uptake from retailers. Expanding into the travel retail space was a natural progression for the iconic Wonderful Pistachios brand and a healthy win for consumers as well as the confectionery category.”

Paramount Farms: “Clear demand” for a healthy savoury snack alternative in travel retail
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