Yam Seng showcases ‘Greens on Screens’ to travel retailers

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SINGAPORE. Singapore-based company Yam Seng last week showcased its recently launched Greens on Screens golf simulator business to several leading Asia Pacific and Middle East travel retailers and other prominent industry executives.

As reported, Greens on Screens is run by Karan and Karuna Tuli, son and daughter of King Power Group (HK) Travel Retail & Duty Free Managing Director Sunil Tuli, who also owns Yam Seng.

The first outlet, called “˜Pitch & Chips’ and which includes an attractive bar and dining area, opened recently in downtown Singapore. The company is now targeting the airport community for further development.

Tuli senior showcased the innovative and unique GolfTek USA technology that characterises the system. This uses 86 sensors to measure the ball flight parameter and golf swing characteristics, making it the most advanced and accurate swing analyzer on the market.

Karan Tuli told The Moodie Report: “We’ve got the distribution rights for this system in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe. We’re seeking to expand, for example in community centres throughout Singapore, in private homes and of course in airports. All that is happening right now.”

Sunil Tuli: “You never lose your balls”

(Left to right) Sunil Tuli, Susan Whelan of King Power International Group and Martin Moodie at Pitch & Chips

Four players can compete in a round of simulated golf, making it the ideal way to while away time between flights, Tuli explained. “The weather’s perfect and you never lose any balls,” he said. “And it’s just like playing real golf on some of the world’s best courses.

“Airports, could for example, rent it out to travellers in 15 or 30 minute slots. You need about 400sq ft of total space and about 12 feet of height.”

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The screen donates a percentage of revenues to The Adam Scott Foundation, a charity formed by the famous Australian golfer, which helps underprivileged children through educational platforms, such as university grants, and a new autism grants programme.

“We are now in discussions with several airports regarding our simulators at airports, VIP lounges and also listing it on the catalogues of airlines for people to buy or rent,” Karan Tuli said.

For trade inquiries, contact karantuli@yamseng.biz or karuna.tuli@yamseng.biz

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