Bacardí OakHeart line extension adds spice to the rum category

Andrew Carter: “We’re going to be creating some fantastic sampling opportunities for Bacardí OakHeart”

INTERNATIONAL. Bacardi Global Travel Retail today announced the launch of Bacardí OakHeart, described as the brand’s most noteworthy product introduction since Bacardí Limón over a decade ago.

The line extension will be available in global travel retail from October 2011.

On the verge of the company’s 150th anniversary, the introduction of the new spiced rum is designed to reaffirm the brand’s leadership position in the rum category.

Bacardí now has expressions across all the segments – traditional, flavoured and spiced.

Bacardi Global Travel Retail Division Managing Director Andrew Carter* told The Moodie Report: “We are going big time into the spiced rum marketplace. We’re currently launching Bacardí OakHeart in the Americas domestically and we are launching in Europe domestically through September/October.

“From a travel retail point of view we see ourselves being at the absolute lead of this launch. It’s the most exciting and biggest launch we’ve had on Bacardí for 15 years and in terms of the opportunity within spiced rum for us to grow that category in travel retail I think it is very large.”

“Oak and Coke is going to be the bar call and it’s going to be a great taste.”

Carter and his team will host a major launch party on the Tuesday evening at next month’s TFWA World Exhibition.

“In terms of the shop window launch once you get to September/October you will see this everywhere”¦ we’re going to be creating some fantastic sampling opportunities,” he said.

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The Moodie Podcast
Andrew Carter pours a drop of Bacardí OakHeart for The Moodie Report

OakHeart will be positioned around +10% above its main rival, Diageo’s Captain Morgan.

The company dubbed OakHeart “a tribute to the modern day adventurer”, describing the spirit as “a
smooth, spiced spirit drink of premium rum with a hint of smokiness and a unique velvet-like smoothness.”

“Bacardí OakHeart has been launched to capitalise on the emerging popularity of spiced rums and rum-based drinks and delivers a product with the credentials of a brand that created modern rum in 1862,” said a Bacardi spokesperson.


Bacardí OakHeart (35% ABV) begins with rums mellowed in charred American white oak barrels. Selected flavours and spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla, are then added to this blend.

The result is described by the company as having an amber hue, a hint of smokiness and velvet-like smoothness. Rich and oaky on the nose, with aromas of smoke and dried fruit, OakHeart possesses robust flavour with a hint of maple and honey, followed by vanilla and caramel. Slightly sweet and peppery, with a noticeable kick, it is designed to taste great straight or combined with cola and served over ice in a chilled highball glass.

The OakHeart name draws on the charred oak barrels used for the rum. The bottle features a dimpled, textured package with a look and feel that’s described as “rugged, masculine and edgy, while at the same time remaining spirited and vibrant, and communicating the brand’s provenance and heritage”. A badge-like label that adorns each bottle reflects the idea of “adventure, fraternity and camaraderie embodied in the OakHeart man”.

*NOTE: Andrew Carter is interviewed by Martin Moodie in the Cannes issue of The Moodie Report Print Edition, out next month.

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