Capi unveils new omni-channel store concept at Frankfurt Airport

GERMANY. Capi has launched its first omni-channel store after refurbishing its outlet at Frankfurt Airport.

The consumer electronics retailer is offering a ‘You travel, we deliver’ service which allows travellers to purchase items and have them delivered to their home.

The new store concept features ‘The Gadget Table’, where trending products are displayed, and special offer bins as well as the home delivery service.

Capi said examples of products that would be too big to take onboard but can nevertheless be purchased include Dyson vacuum cleaners, Smeg home appliances and Harman Kardon smart audio systems.

“By introducing the omni-channel concept, Capi has successfully realised a new segment in travel retail and thereby enhanced travellers’ experience,” the company said.

Fast-selling or best-reviewed innovations, gadgets and gifts feature on ‘The Gadget Table’, which forms the centrepiece of the store and aims to attract travellers passing by.

Capi said the new store concept dovetailed nicely with Frankfurt Airport’s own omni-channel strategy.

‘Special offer’ bins showcase some of the value propositions Capi has created for travellers. They are presented in volume and aim to incite impulse buying behaviour, the retailer noted.

“We are thrilled with the reopening of our store which contributes to, and enhances, our travellers’ journey, offering new product categories thanks to our new ‘You travel, we deliver’ service,” said Capi-Lux Managing Director Peter Wiggers.

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