Clarins Group and Thierry Mugler bottle the essence of Womanity

INTERNATIONAL. Clarins Group and Thierry Mugler is poised to take their “womanity” concept one step further, with the launch of the Womanity feminine fragrance. “Womanity is a perfume conceived as a link, a positive energy flowing through all types of femininity,” explained the designer.

Earlier this year, on 8 March, Clarins and Mugler invited women of the world to connect and communicate through the website The site is described as an interactive platform designed to spark creative exchange among women. It is also being used to develop future Mugler/Clarins Group beauty products.

The new Womanity fragrance from Thierry Mugler

Available worldwide in six languages, is already a lively online platform for creative expression, with over 1,078,461 visitors since its launch and 3,770 contributions enriching its creative content.

“Womanity is both a social content platform and a source of inspiration for designing new products,” noted Thierry Mugler President Joël Palix. “Sharing in what women feel and in their understanding of what femininity means is an immense opportunity and a privileged source of information for a luxury brand like Thierry Mugler.

“It will allow us to develop projects and products that may be inspired in part by the site’s content, using an approach through which [our] designer’s creativity nurtures and magnifies the creativity of the site’s users: the Womanity brand will be the keystone of an authentic dialogue between our designer and his fans,” he added.

The Womanity fragrance is described as a new expression of the Womanity brand, whose facets “reflect the infinite expressions of womankind”.

The juice is said to represent a technological breakthrough, containing as its does, for the first time ever, a sweet and savoury note, obtained by pairing fig and caviar. This was made possible by an exclusive molecular extraction method patented by Mane, according to Clarins. Fig wood and leaf also feature within a woody accord.

The Womanity fragrance is said to be an environmentally-friendly launch, attuned to the values of Mugler and the Clarins group. Its creation was subject to a precise environmental evaluation, and designed to minimise environmental impact.

The Womanity fragrance features miminal packaging, and in presented in a paperboard box that is both recycled and recyclable, with no inner holders or paper inserts. Its sustainable Eco-Source bottle may be refilled indefinitely.

The fragrance will be accompanied by a “Woman & Beauty” line, comprising four skus each enriched with natural fig extracts to pamper the skin.

The Womanity fragrance will be previewed at in mid-June, before its worldwide roll-out, set to begin later this summer.

The group hopes that the Womanity fragrance will help take dialogue between the brand, its fans, and users of the site to new heights. In time, the Womanity concept will be enriched with special editions, new versions of the fragrance, fashion items or new ideas for collective media projects and technologies.

“More and more, the current internet-savvy generation is seeking ways to express itself and to participate in the development of brands it likes,” underlined Palix. “Therefore, we are seeking to capitalise on the web as a force for nourishing and continuing to build our relationship with our fan base, to bolster our creativity, and to open new horizons for the Thierry Mugler brand.”

He concluded: “In the future, Womanity will evolve to become a brand that brings together media, design and products, fusing the creativity of the Thierry Mugler brand and its designer with ideas generated by users of the site and fans of the brand.”

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