Coty Prestige to expand extensive fragrance portfolio – 08/11/06

The advertising campaign for Euphoria Men

INTERNATIONAL. Coty Prestige will build on its extensive fragrance portfolio next year, on both a global and regional basis.

“Our fragrance business is growing at around double the category rate,” explained Rusty Wright, who has replaced Markus Stauss as Worldwide Marketing Manager Travel Retail.

“Our strength in this area can be attributed to our diversity. We are present within the key segments of designer, lifestyle and celebrity. And we have strong global and regional properties.”

In terms of more recent launches, Wright singled out Vera Wang Princess and the Euphoria masterbrand from Calvin Klein. “Euphoria [for women, launched in 2005] continues to perform well, and has been boosted by this year’s launch of Euphoria Men,” he noted.

“Next year we shall further strengthen the franchise with the introduction of Euphoria Blossom, which has been developed specifically for Asian consumers.”

Lovely: the debut fragrance from actress Sarah Jessica Parker

Moreover, a major new fragrance from Calvin Klein is scheduled for launch in spring 2007. “This is arguably the biggest project [from Klein] in 11 years, and will constitute an important direction for the future,” said Wright.

For Davidoff, Cool Water was refreshed this year with the more youth-oriented duo, Cool Water Game. At the other end of the age-scale, Silver Shadow – which embodies grown-up luxury for the mature man – will be extended with a new property in the first half of next year. And a new Davidoff women’s fragrance will be unveiled in the spring.

A major new fragrance from Kenneth Cole, called RSVP, will also be rolled out next spring. The face of the scent is rock star and actor Jon Bon Jovi, who has also designed a limited-edition men’s and women’s jacket collection for the designer. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

The musician has long been involved with Habitat for Humanity and Project Home. Cole too is a long-time supporter of homeless charities, including HELP-USA.

“RSVP is all about challenging the consumer to make a response,” explained Wright, “and the communication will reflect that.”

Facial products from Lancaster’s revamped Aquamilk collection

Still with celebrity, Sarah Jessica Parker’s debut fragrance Lovely will be further supported by the roll-out next year of Lovely Liquid Satin.

And the Jennifer Lopez franchise will continue to be strengthened with new flankers, limited editions and the brand’s first miniature coffret.

On the cosmetics side, Lancaster will build on its suncare heritage – and number one ranking within travel retail – via new introductions within its classic portfolio.

“Next year we will also be taking our sun expertise more into colour, with new sun make-up items,” revealed Wright.

Meanwhile, within skincare/bodycare Coty Prestige has unveiled the revamped Aquamilk collection from Lancaster. It will be available in Europe from January 2007.

The collection – which features a new formula, fragrance, packaging and product line-up – is described as moisturising, nourishing, protective, simple and gentle. It comprises nine products for the face and body.

Aquamilk hand, body and lip items

Key ingredients include coconut milk, rice milk and palm milk, which are said to moisturise the skin deep down via a three-step process that incorporates preparation (gentle exfoliation via lactic acid); hydration and nutrition; and a shield effect (courtesy of honey extract and honey nectar).

The revamped Aquamilk line also features Lancaster’s patented RPF Complex, which scavenges free radicals, thereby counteracting the photo-ageing process.

In terms of product, the Aquamilk line is available in three different textures, to suit different skin types, from very dry to combination.

The line-up includes Absolute Moisture & Protection Cream 50ml, Absolute Moisture & Protection Rich Cream 50ml and Absolute Moisture & Protection Fluid 50ml. These are all basic moisturisers that can be used day and night.

For women in search of an alternative to foundation, there is the 50ml Aquamilk Absolute Moisture & Protection Tinted Cream SPF15. This is claimed to even out and mattify the complexion. It is available in two shades: light and medium.

For the eyelids/eye area, there is the Absolute Moisture & Protection Eye Cream 15ml. This is said to counter dark circles and puffiness, and features angelica and rose hip extracts.

Meanwhile, Absolute Moisture & Protection Nourishing Lip Balm 15ml offers hydration and protection for the lips. It is subtly flavoured, and contains shea butter and palm oils.

For the body (including the feet), Lancaster has created Absolute Moisture & Protection Nourishing Body Cream 200ml. Lastly, as its name suggests, Absolute Moisture & Protection Nourishing Hand & Nail Care 100ml softens hands, yet strengthens nails, thanks to the inclusion of keratin.


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