Food Accademia expands travel retail portfolio with Italian Maxi Milian gin

In its ongoing quest to bring the best Italian flavours to travel retail, Food Accademia has introduced an exciting new product, Maxi Milian gin {All photos: Maxi Milian}

Food Accademia has introduced Maxi Milian gin, an aromatic distilled gin made in Italy, to its diverse portfolio of Italian products.

Food Accademia, which specialises in bringing fine Italian wine & spirits, confectionery and food brands to the international travel retail stage, said it plans to introduce Maxi Milian to airports, borders stores and ferries. The company said travel retail offers exciting potential for the gin.

Maxi Milian gin had gained “a great consumer response” in selected European and American domestic markets and received several important awards last year, Food Accademia added.

Young entrepreneurs Marta Gover and Massimiliano Montanari collaborated to create Maxi Milian gin {Photo: Maxi Milian}

The distiller is a newcomer to the spirits market. It was started by entrepreneurs Massimiliano Montanari and Marta Gover, who crafted the product with nature and ethical standards in mind.

All materials used, from bottle to packaging, are made of natural fibres and are 100-per cent recyclable. Offering a dry flavour and intense aroma, it is described as “practically the perfect cross between a distillate and a London dry.”

The production starts from a base of high-quality Italian grain alcohol, triple-distilled with continuous distillation to allow for optimal alcohol rectification. The three main botanicals of the base (juniper, angelica root and coriander seeds) are infused into the alcohol.

Since entering travel retail in 2017, Treviso-based Food Accademia has continued to roll out unique and innovative Italian food & beverage brands. Its first branded coffee shop was Torrefazione Cannaregio at Venice Marco Polo Airport.

In October last year, it launched Flamigni, Cà dei Frati, Amedei, Casa Gheller, DiVò and Acetaia Fiorini at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.


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