FRAGRANCES: Fits predicts new era for fragrance, with love from Japan – CANNES LAUNCH

JAPAN. Tokyo-based Fits Corp, one of Japan’s leading fragrance distributors and marketers, has formed a new venture to develop and market the new fragrance brand ‘Love Passport Parfums’.

Fits says the brand was founded through an earnest wish to create a conceptual fragrance with a consistent theme of love.

Women who are stressed and feel lack of fulfilment want not only to “put on” fragrance, but also want to “feel” the philosophy and concept in fragrance these days. Such thoughts could enable people to go on their journey to find inner happiness. “Love Passport Parfums will translate many kinds of love into fragrance and will alter philosophies and concepts into tangible scents,” said Fits in a statement.

The company says that since fragrance in Japan has been regarded for a long time as something to use only on formal occasions, its aim is to popularise fragrances to be used in day-to-day situations, by a diverse and creative marketing and promotion strategy.

Called “˜Love Passport by Peynet’ the 50ml fragrance will be the first product from the brand and has been inspired and originated by French artist Raymond Peynet. Fits Corp has obtained the worldwide licence for the Raymond Peynet name.

The brand will be launched first within the Japanese market and also for overseas and travel retail markets. The company says it has already gained support from many buyers, and a huge campaign at the Isetan Department Store, Shinjuku, Tokyo at the end of September was very successful.

The 50ml product will be priced ¥5,500 (US$47) and is positioned for daily use of its target consumer group.

Fits Corp will be showing Love Passport during the TFWA World Exhibition at Stand RH13, Riviera Village and at the Hotel Majestic in Room Biarritz 2 (1st floor).

For further information contact (Ms) Kasumi Aoki, Fits merchandising department manager at or (Ms) Akiko Tsukiyama, merchandising assistant at

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Note: Fits Corporation was established in 1991 by the current president Yasuhiro Togashi and executive director Kaname Yamada. Togashi and Yamada were previously colleagues in Onward Kashiyama, one of the major clothing companies in Japan, where they took part in launching several major brands into Japan such us Jean Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein.

Fits is the exclusive distributor in Japan for Fiorucci, Genny, Armand Basi, Chevignon, Marina de Bourbon, Ella Mikao, Realm, Jeanne Arthes, B&B Cosmetics, Parfum Watt, Ulric de Varens, New Dana Perfumes and K Perfumes.

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