Helena Rubinstein expands its skincare genius – 07/08/06

Helena Rubinstein’s new “youth transplant”, Prodigy Tissular

FRANCE. Helena Rubinstein is preparing to extend its Prodigy anti-ageing franchise this September with the introduction of Prodigy Tissular. The treatment will be available in European and Asian duty free doors. The recommended domestic price point is €150.

As its name suggests, the product is said to mark the advent of the so-called “tissular” era in anti-ageing skincare. It is claimed to act like a “youth transplant”, renewing the skin’s ability to generate new tissues.

Prodigy Tissular uses plant tissue extracts (notably Japanese cedar buds and Indian Vigna seeds) in their embryonic state, to create a highly reparative complex called the Bio-Matrice, according to Rubinstein. This is complemented by the Prodigy Bio-Sap, a combination of five active ingredients, said to target the five main mechanisms of skin ageing.

The texture of Prodigy Tissular is described as half-way between a rich serum and a hydrating fluid, making it suitable for use as a stand-alone skin treatment.

Cosmetic genius: the new Prodigy Foundation combines both make-up and treatment properties

The product is presented in a 40ml pump dispenser jar designed by Fabien Baron. The colour-scheme is pale gold and mother-of-pearl.

Also launching this September from Helena Rubinstein is the new Prodigy Foundation. This will be available in European and US travel retail.

The product is said to deliver the five key complexion product requirements, namely smooth skin, shaped contours, instant light reflection, supreme comfort and long-wearing, even colour.

It too features the Prodigy Bio-Sap, along with Royal Jelly and D-Panthenol, to help repair and renew the skin.

Prodigy Foundation is said to be suitable for all skin types. It will retail domestically at €70.


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