Hong Kong Airport opens exhibition promoting sustainability

HONG KONG. A new exhibition titled “˜From Trash to Treasure’, which features several contemporary art pieces based on the concept of “˜upcycling’, is now showing at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) until July.

Upcycling is a new sustainability concept that involves changing the old materials collected into new generation products, according to HKIA. Instead of recycling the disposed materials, upcycling aims to increase the value of the new “˜product’.

Presented by Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC) and sponsored by Airport Authority Hong Kong, the exhibition showcases a wide spectrum of product designs and artworks presented by young local talents. With the common theme of turning “˜trash’ into useful items through re-composition and re-installation, designers explore the possibilities and give a “˜new life’ to those disposed products and materials.

“Upcycling is not only an exhibition but a continuing commitment to sustainable development,” said HKICC Founder and Chief Executive Ada Wong. “Hong Kong is a well known creative hub and we can see that the creative sector has taken the lead in bringing an element of sustainability in their designs, as shown in this exhibition.”

The exhibition, titled “˜From Trash to Treasure’, showcases a wide spectrum of product designs and artworks by young local talents, with the common theme of turning “˜trash’ into useful items through re-composition and re-installation

Airport Authority Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Stanley Hui Hon-chung said: “Achieving sustainable development is at the heart of our daily operations and future growth. We minimise pollution, use energy and other resources efficiently, recycle and reuse whenever possible so as to continually improve our environmental performance.

“We are glad to sponsor this meaningful and creative exhibition. Through promoting the concept of upcycling, we hope to inspire our passengers and other airport users to make the best use of available resources.”

Wong continued: “The HKICC and all participating designers thank the HKIA for their support of upcycling as a concept and providing this space for this unprecedented exhibition. We do hope that many people will learn more about upcycling through the exhibition. For the designers, we also hope that new business opportunities will arise as a result of this endeavour.”

Located on level 5, Terminal 2 of HKIA, the exhibition is free to visit and open everyday from 09:00 to 21:00 until July.

For more information on the art programme, visit www.facebook.com/HKAirportPromo or www.hongkongairport.com.


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