India’s pride: Paul John Single Malt Collection extended into travel retail and military sectors

Sazerac has launched its Paul John Single Malt Collection from John Distilleries, India into the military and travel retail market.

Paul John Whisky was founded in 1996 by Indian businessman Paul P. John. Today the company boasts sales of over 15 million cases. John Distilleries produces the world’s sixth-largest whisky brand, Original Choice Whisky.

Paul John has won an outstanding reputation in India and internationally. Sazerac, the second-largest family-owned spirits company in the US, is a strategic shareholder in John Distilleries with a 43% stake. Founder Paul P. John retains the balance.

A vision of greatness

Paul P. John put Indian whisky making on the world map

When he launched his company in 1996, Paul P. John, the Chairman of John Distilleries, wanted to create an Indian Single Malt that would enthral even the truest whisky connoisseur.

Together with Master Distiller Michael D’Souza he set forth on the journey to create the great Indian Single Malt.

Within just over a decade, his reach spread from his headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka to neighbouring states and internationally.

The company uses six-row barley sourced from across the lands of Rajasthan and Haryana to the foothills of Himalayas to produce its single malts. Due to high fibre and protein content, the six-row barley offers a distinct and bold depth of character to the spirit. The more proteins and tannins in the barley the more fatty acids are produced to add to the whisky’s robust character.

Owing to the higher husk content, the barley produces an oilier wash, which in turn translates to an oilier, richer spirit. This is one of the key reasons why all Paul John whiskies are bottled at least 46% and are all non chill-filtered.

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