Italian producer celebrates rosy future – 14/01/08

Wine of Love: Petalo “Il Vino dell’Amore” is described as light, pleasantly sweet, and distinguished by the fragrance of roses

ITALY. Italian wine and spirit producer Distilleria Bottega has introduced a new sparkling wine to celebrate love. Petalo “Il Vino dell’Amore” is a spumante Moscato with a low alcohol content of 6.5%abv.

The product, called “Il Vino dell’Amore” (Wine of Love), is targeted at people who prefer easy drinking and appreciate a fresh sweet spumante with an original bouquet.

The rounded bottle is enriched by the rose colour of the capsule and the label reproduces a pink rose.

Petalo Moscato comes from the grapes grown on the Euganean hills. This area is also a renowned rose-growing area and during the flowering period bees transfer to the vine the perfume of roses.

The resulting wine is described as fragrant, light and pleasantly sweet, and is distinguished by the fragrance of roses.

Vinification occurs after a short fermentation and the resulting wine has the fresh and fragrant character of the original grapes. A low alcohol content is obtained by pressing very ripe grapes and letting the wine become sparkling at low pressure, so that it acquires its sweet taste.

For details, contact Giovanni Savio, Distilleria Bottega srl, tel. +39 0438 406801.


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