‘Open Up Your Horizons’ – DFS launches Annual Beauty Campaign through the Metaverse and in-store

INTERNATIONAL. Leading luxury travel retailer DFS Group is set to launch its largest-ever Annual Beauty Campaign next month, featuring its first virtual universe, DFS World.

The campaign, titled ‘Open Up Your Horizons’, runs through August and September, and combines in-store activations as well as a “fully interactive, shoppable digital luxury playground”. It will showcase premium skincare and fragrances, and highlight new and emerging trends.

New horizons: The retailer welcomes customers into its new and first-ever virtual universe – DFS World

Featuring three themes, the campaign “celebrates today’s confident, daring and imaginative beauty connoisseur in real life as well as in the boundless and magical Metaverse”.

The first beauty theme, ‘Effortless, Not Lazy’, is dedicated to luxury makeup. The second, ‘Stay Up, Glow Up’ is built around skincare recovery. ‘Future You’ aims to make each face “Metaverse-ready” with luminous, fluid cosmetics and scents inspired by digital filters and virtual worlds. Each look is supported by DFS’ curated range of products.

‘Stay Up, Glow Up’ (above and below) is one of three core themes that celebrate the beauty consumer of today. Others (depicted through the models) are ‘Effortless, Not Lazy’ and ‘Future You’.

In stores, the Annual Beauty Campaign is brought to life with super-saturated colour and hyper-real models. Upon spending a designated amount in-store, customers will receive a Beauty Guide mystery box, each containing a random Beauty Guide collectible figurine, with a total of five styles to collect.

The figurines have detachable body parts, allowing customers to mix and match to create their own Beauty Guide. An invitation card to visit DFS World can also be found inside the box, as well as instructions to redeem a complimentary, exclusive NFT as users navigate the Metaverse.

A cast of miniature mascots guides visitors through DFS World, inviting them to capture DFS NFTs and win prizes

Linking the physical and digital experience, once online, the cast of miniature mascots guide visitors through DFS World and invite them to capture exclusive DFS NFTs and win prizes while they shop. A series of experiential multi-brand and premium brand zones from Guerlain, Estée Lauder, YSL Beauty and Giorgio Armani are also available within the Metaverse, featuring fun, interactive games and experiences.

Brand partners have lent strong support to the campaign. Above and below, a selection under the ‘Effortless, Not Lazy’ makeup theme; below, ‘Stay Up, Glow Up’ with leading skincare names; bottom two images, ‘Future You’ 

“For more than 60 years, the World of DFS has been synonymous with our rich universe of luxury brands and products as well as the pleasure of shopping in our stores,” said DFS Group Executive Vice President Digital Ventures and Marketing Long Chiu. “Now, we are very excited to welcome our customers to an entirely new universe, the DFS World, created especially for them to experience the very best of beauty retail in a whole different dimension.”

The Annual Beauty Campaign will run from 1 August to 30 September in selected DFS locations around the world, including Auckland, Guam, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Macau, New York Okinawa, San Francisco, Saipan and Sydney. In Abu Dhabi and Bali it will run through September and October.

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