Tesla joins line-up for China International Consumer Products Expo in Hainan

CHINA (HAINAN)/US. Tesla – a world leader in the electric vehicle and clean energy markets – is the latest major international business to confirm its attendance at the upcoming China International Consumer Products Expo, to be held in the Hainan capital of Haikou from 7-10 May.

The California-headquartered company’s presence at the showpiece event will deepen its ties with the vibrant Chinese island, after it signed a contract for projects relating to the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port last October. More recently, on 15 January, the first Tesla service centre in Hainan opened in Haikou.

Tesla has become established as a world leader in the development of stylish electric cars

Tesla Global Vice President Tao Ling said his company is “highly supportive of and optimistic” about the Expo, and sees it as a key supporting element for the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

The much-anticipated Expo – organised by Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development (Hainan IEDB) – is set to drive an increase in domestic consumption and help bring overseas spending back to China.

The Expo is seen as a key element in the strategy for the Hainan Free Trade Port, which will cement the island’s status as an important host to major brands

More than 200 global brands have now confirmed their participation at the Expo. These include a number of prominent brand owners in the travel retail channel such as Rémy CointreauL’Oréal, Edrington Group, Pernod Ricard and Shiseido.

The organisers estimate that between 3,000 and 5,000 professional buyers and up to 50,000 high-end consumers will visit the Expo each day.

Hainan Island: Travel retail’s global hotspot

The Moodie Davitt Report will next week publish a Hainan Island Special Report with the China edition of The Magazine in February 2021. Written by Martin Moodie and Dermot Davitt, it will explore how the offshore duty free business in China has become critical to the world’s leading brands across many categories.


穆迪戴维特报告(Moodie Davitt Report)将于2021年2月随The Magazine的中文版发表《海南特别报道》。该篇由马丁·穆迪(Martin Moodie)和德莫特·戴维特(Dermot Davitt)撰写,将探讨中国的离岸免税业务是如何变得对跨类别的各大全球领先品牌至关重要。


  • 评论与分析自2020年7月1日起,海南新离岸免税政策所引起的重大影响
  • 从美妆个护到时尚、钟表,从葡萄酒、烈酒到消费类电子产品的跨类别离岸免税额的潜力
  • 中免集团,中服免税店,DFS集团,Dufry, Hainan Development Holdings, 海南旅游投资发展公司,海南省国际经济发展局(Hanain IEDB),拉加代尔旅游零售等集团的重要访谈和简介,尤其着眼于颇具潜力的海南免税店贸易港项目
  • 除海南外,我们还将考察中国国内市场的反弹情况,评估中国机场的前景,并希望终有一天能够恢复国际旅游通行,拥有来自内地,澳门和香港市场的领先旅游零售商的输入
  • 电商驱动力:评估旅游零售业的长期市场领导者Dufry与数字巨头阿里巴巴;以及CDFG和其他主要参与者,是否具备达成合作伙伴关系的潜力
  • 顶级旅行分析师ForwardKeys的专业意见
  • 在内容合作伙伴Globuy,iClick,Jing Daily,Jessica’s Secret和DutyFree Expert的帮助下,分析有关中国消费者和免税市场的趋势

The report will feature:

  • Comment & analysis on the seismic impact of the new offshore duty free policy in Hainan since 1 July
  • The potential of new offshore duty free allowances across categories from beauty to fashion and watches and from wines & spirits to consumer electronics
  • Major interviews with and profiles of China Duty Free Group, CNSC, DFS Group, Dufry, Hainan Development Holdings, Hainan Tourism Investment Development Co, Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development (Hanain IEDB), Lagardère Travel Retail, and others, with a special focus on the ambitious Hainan Free Trade Port project
  • Beyond Hainan, we examine the rebound in the China domestic market, assess prospects for Chinese airports and hopes for an eventual return to international travel. With input from leading travel retailers in the Mainland, Macau and Hong Kong markets
  • The ecommerce drive: Assessing the potential of the partnership between travel retail’s long-time market leader Dufry and the digital powerhouse Alibaba; plus digital strategies at CDFG and other major players
  • Expert input from top travel analyst ForwardKeys
  • With contributions from our content partners Globuy, iClick, Jing Daily, Jessica’s Secret and DutyFree Expert on trends among Chinese consumers and the duty free market

Contact Irene@MoodieDavittReport.com to partner with The Moodie Davitt Report for this special edition.

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