Tirana International Airport announces tender for infrastructure development

ALBANIA. Tirana International Airport SHPK has announced a tender for consulting services for planned development.

The operator has committed to undertake a number of capital expenditure projects at Albania’s busiest airport from 2020-2022. These projects include the design and construction of a terminal expansion and rehabilitation of the airfield infrastructure.

“In the scope of the programme is included also preparation of the Maintenance and Investment Schedule summarising the conditions of assets, risk, targets and resulting refurbishment and investment cost for from an assessment based on the engineering experience,” the airport operator added.

The airport saw double-digit traffic growth in 2017, 2018 and the first three quarters of 2019

Tirana Airport said it wants to engage a project management consultant with suitable airport management experience to support the airport operator from the development phase to the start of operations.

Interested parties will need to have completed two similar projects that amounted to €15-20 million (US$16.6-22.1 million) in the last five years.

An official letter of expression of interest can be sent to ialimema@tirana-airport.comfvojka@tirana-airport.com; and apalushi@tirana-airport.com. The airport operator will then send a confidentiality commitment form, which will need to be returned by 27 November.

The full tender documents will then be sent free of charge ahead of the deadline for all sealed offers on 16 December.

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