Video Interview: DFS Chairman & CEO Benjamin Vuchot outlines Yalong Bay opportunity to Hainan Hinews

The Central River Valley Walk will form an integral part of what DFS pledges will be Sanya’s premier destination for luxury shopping, world-class accommodation, dining, and entertainment


CHINA. DFS Chairman & CEO has underlined the extraordinary ambition that underpins the travel retailer’s planned retail-to-entertainment destination in Yalong Bay, Hainan province in an exclusive interview with Hainan Hinews.

Speaking to Head of the Duty Free TV Channel Lu Tianqin, Vuchot said, “I think the project of 128,000 square metres that is due to open by 2026 is going to be a one of a kind experience.

“There’s a lot of retail experience today in Hainan. But we want to do something that will have a real personality and will really be anchored towards luxury services as well as entertainment, food services, beauty spas, and lots of different things – a lot of surprises that will really excite and delight the visitors to Hainan. And that’s what DFS has been doing for over 63 years.

“We have a true dedication to bring that into Hainan, Sanya and Yalong Bay by 2026.”

An architect’s impression of the majestic DFS Yalong Bay property

Vuchot praised the vision of both central and provincial government in terms of Hainan’s future. “They’ve made some very, very significant declarations to grow the tourism industry and the industry in general in Hainan.

“One number one that resonates for me very importantly is the 52 million passengers [expected] by 2030. I think this puts Hainan on an equal stance to many other incredible destinations.

How the DFS Yalong Bay Luxury Boulevard entrance is expected to look

“What DFS is aiming at doing with the Yalong Bay project is to create a new destination within the exciting destination of Sanya and capture part of these 52 million passengers that will visit the island by 2030. This is a big number and our ambition is equally high.”

Hainan Hinews is The Moodie Davitt Report’s content partner in Hainan province.

As reported, DFS Yalong Bay involves an “unprecedented” investment into a 128,000sq m site, attracting over 1,000 luxury brands including “iconic” maisons from the retailer’s majority owner LVMH Group once fully operational.

DFS Yalong Bay will become Sanya’s premier destination for luxury shopping, world-class accommodation, dining, and entertainment, serving international and domestic tourists with innovative, renowned luxury brands and experiences, the company pledged. ✈

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