Buckley Jewellery to unveil Bouton brand in Singapore

Buckley Jewellery is set to launch its highly anticipated new sterling silver jewellery brand, Bouton, at the TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition this month (Stand number: N9).

The new premium range, created by Buckley Jewellery CEO Adrian Buckley, is a showcase of the company’s 20 years of design expertise and the micro pave techniques employed by craftsmen.

Commenting on the new launch, Adrian Buckley said: “I have waited a long time to finally launch my new sterling silver brand and really wanted to create a more luxurious collection of pretty, easy to wear pure silver jewellery for women who like to have fun and look fantastic. I also wanted to create a range of beautiful jewellery that would last for decades, due to the highest levels of craftsmanship.”

Bouton is a 100-piece collection featuring cubic zirconia gems set in pure 925 sterling silver with intricate micro pave detail. The glittering range includes rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, as well as handcrafted charms and cuff links. Prices will range from £50 to £500 (US$75-750).

Bouton is a 100-piece collection featuring cubic zirconia gems set in pure 925 sterling silver with micro pave detail

Sharing his vision of the brand with The Moodie Report, Buckley said: “I have been successfully designing and manufacturing jewellery for over 20 years now for major high street retailers and airlines worldwide, and it has been a lifelong dream of mine to launch my own brand into the marketplace.

“The word ‘Bouton’ was inspired by the French word meaning ‘button’, as well as my love for the little button earrings worn in the fifties which were also known as ‘Boutons’.

“I think this first Bouton range is timeless and elegant, really pretty and a little nostalgic. I have always been told that my main talent is in spotting a winning product and I wanted to design my own commercial collection of stunning sterling silver jewellery.

“I passionately wanted to echo these feelings into a range of pure designs full of gorgeous colours, with fine luxurious detailing, perfect micro pave and with a few surprises, like the exquisite little ‘Bouton’ button fastenings that feature in some of the pendants and bracelets.”

To support the launch of the brand, a photographic and video campaign – see YouTube video below – has been produced by the acclaimed French fashion photographer Kristian Schuller.

“I chose Kristian Schuller to take the campaign photographs and video for the launch of Bouton as he has worked with many major amazing fashion and jewellery brands over the last decade,” Buckley continued.

“He really manages to capture the essence of fantasy and seduction, providing dream-like concepts that completely magnify the intricate beauty within the jewellery. The video especially captures a creative film star world for Bouton, full of floaty couture pieces, dazzling shining colours, entrancing music and a feeling of absolute feminine glamour.”

For more information on Bouton, visit www.bouton.co.uk

The launch of Bouton is supported by a campaign produced by French fashion photographer Kristian Schuller

About Buckley Jewellery Ltd

Buckley Jewellery is a leading costume jewellery designer and manufacturer in the UK supplying key retailers worldwide. The award-winning company has won ‘Best Costume Jewellery in the UK’ four times and ‘Best In flight Product’ at the 2011 and 2012 Airline Retail Awards. In 2011, Buckley Jewellery CEO Adrian Buckley designed a not-for-profit jewel encrusted ‘Buckley Poppy’ for the Royal British Legion and has donated £1.6m to this cause.

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