Generation Research appoints Professor Alex Seret as Managing and Technical Director

SWEDEN. Generation Research has appointed Professor Alex Seret to the position of Managing and Technical Director.

As reported, Generation has been working with the business analytics expert on the sales forecasting aspects of its business. The aim has been to analyse and improve the current structure and methodologies supporting Generation’s database and product offerings. The project is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2017.

Prof. Dr. Alex Seret
Generation Research Managing and Technical Director Professor Alex Seret: “I wish to make Generation Research an example to follow in the industry”

Seret, who will start his new role on 21 November, has a Ph.D. in Decision Science from KU Leuven University and is a member of international research networks in both technical and applied aspects of data analytics.

He is a professor and researcher at the University of Los Andes in Santiago, Chile, but will reduce his activities there in order to take up the Generation role.

“Professor Alex Seret is unique in the way that he is extremely experienced and well connected in the academic world. He is technically skilled and at the same time extraordinarily business oriented,” said Generation Research CEO Fredrik Lindh.

“Seret is a recognised expert in analysing and monetising data in ultra-complex environments and he brings a wealth of experience in business analytics, data science and quantitative marketing to our already unique offer.

“Today there are multiple sources and massive amounts of data available for all stakeholders in the travel retail industry. Now, with the expertise of Alex, we will benefit internally and at the same time be better able to assist our clients to organise and analyse these sources of data, to make decisions more data driven and actionable.”

Seret said that his aim was to bring “a new momentum” to the company and the travel retail industry in general.

“This industry has a unique potential and is at a key moment of its technological evolution,” he said. “The specificities of current practices and challenges make it difficult for outliers to enter, understand and impact this industry. For this reason, I believe that the solution should come from inside and Generation Research’s unique position, staff and products are the perfect foundations for a new momentum.

“I wish to make Generation Research an example to follow in the industry while serving as an innovation centre allowing the different actors to connect with global best practices in data science.”

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