Grand Chais de France reports above-average shopping basket for Art & Wine pop-up

FRANCE. Grand Chais de France (GCF) has reported its eye-catching Art & Wine pop-up in the duty free store at Terminal 2E Gate M of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport delivered a turnover of €183,765 (US$206,636).

A total of 3,536 bottles of wine were sold at the pop-up over the 28-day period, which ran from 6 September to 3 October.

The pop-up combined the high-quality wines of GCF with eye-catching artwork from Marc Felten

The result was an average shopping basket of €97.60 (US$109.11), a figure +33% higher than the average shopping basket for wine elsewhere in the duty free store. GCF added that 485 transactions were above €300 (US$335).

The pop-up featured both a strong range of wines from GCF, the company’s partner wineries and striking artwork from Marc Felten.

The pop-up had prime positioning in the duty free store at Terminal 2E Gate M

Speaking about the idea of combining wine with art, GCF CEO Joseph Helfrich said: “French wine can be perceived to be too old fashioned and we wanted to modernise it for a new generation of customers. That is why we decided to do something different.”

“A lot of passengers go through the airport and it is a good place to reach that new customer,” he added.

Société de Distribution Aéroportuaire (SDA) Director General Guy Bodescot said: “Many people enjoy wine but don’t have the expertise, so don’t buy because they feel alien to this kind of environment. We questioned Lagardère Travel Retail how we could find a way that is purely Parisian to respect wine but help younger customers that are not experts.

“We were very focussed on creating an intimate and Parisian moment of shopping. That means culture was a very important pillar of what we were selling and is something that wine goes well with.”

GCF aimed to open French wine up to a whole new consumer with the pop-up

“It makes sense that a Parisian airport highlights wine,” a spokesperson for Lagardère Travel Retail added. “It gives value to the French offer and our terroirs in a modern and disruptive way.”

Bodescot said SDA would explore introducing the pop-up in other environments across the Parisian airports. “I think the idea is strong here, it would be worthwhile to test it on other nationalities by repeating the concept in other terminals so that is something we are looking into,” he said.

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