Kaloo Parfums on the rise in Asia – 17/06/08

Kaloo Lilirose: Among the best-selling products in Kaloo’s Hong Kong International Airport SkyPlaza shop

FRANCE. The Millennium Essence Company, maker of Kaloo and Clayeux Perfumes, is increasing is strength in the babies’ and children’s fragrances sector.

Vice President and International Sales Director Priscilla Beaulieu told The Moodie Report that Asian retailers and consumers were becoming more interested in children’s fragrances, although the purchasing criteria differed from those of Western consumers.

“Kaloo baby fragrances are designed for boys and girls aged for 0-6 year-olds, but in Asia they are positioned for 8 to 14-year-old girls,” said Beaulieu.

“Clayeux Boy and Clayeux Girl are for children aged 6-12 in the rest of the world, but in Asia the age factor goes up to 12 to 18 year olds.”

Beaulieu believes consumption attitudes towards fragrances in general are changing in Asia, as they are more easily accepted now among younger customers.

The first four Kaloo baby fragrances were launched in 2001, and today both Kaloo and Clayeux products are sold in 80 countries.

The company’s travel retail and duty free listings are growing: Kaloo is onboard 21 airlines, mainly European and Middle Eastern, with four in Asia: Asiana, Mandarin Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Garuda Indonesia.

Apart from airports in Thailand and Vietnam, Kaloo is also present in four airports in China: Beijing Terminal 2 with Sunrise, Wu Han Domestic Airport, Macau Airport with King Power, and Hong Kong International Airport SkyPlaza, with a Kaloo shop.

“We are very fortunate that the Kaloo brand of children’s products is present in Hong Kong SkyPlaza with a 100sq m boutique,” continued Beaulieu. “And two further Kaloo boutiques in the domestic market, one in downtown and one in the Seibu department store, give exposure to the brand.”

The SkyPlaza Kaloo boutique carries over 300 references, including toys and fashion. “Yet the sales of Kaloo, Clayeux and Kaloo Solaire are taking up 10% of the total, so we are optimistic, since the boutique opened only in January 2007.”

The best-selling fragrances in the SkyPlaza shop are 100ml Kaloo Lilirose, 100ml Kaloo Liliblue and 100ml Kaloo 1.

Growing niche market

The Millennium Essence Company is now looking ahead to continue expanding both in Asia and in their “growing niche market”, as defined by Beaulieu: “We truly believe in the children’s fragrance category as an added bonus in duty free. Without encroaching on women’s and men’s fragrances we can offer that extra item to place in the shopping basket.

“We are planning a 15-day promotion with children’s luggage tags and little gifts to introduce Kaloo fragrances to Shanghai Airport – hopefully this will happen this December.

“Finally, we will have a surprise in October to be presented at Cannes [TFWA World Exhibition]. This is a little family of fragrances for young girls that we will start distributing from March 2009, but I won’t reveal the name yet, as not to spoil the surprise!” concluded Beaulieu.


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