New lease of life for Fijian shopping as Prouds unveils ‘See Compare Buy’

FIJI. Travel retailer Prouds has launched a new marketing campaign called “˜See Compare Buy’ to celebrate the removal of duties on perfumes and cosmetics, watches, jewellery and related items.

Mahendra Motibhai Patel (CBE): “We will once again enjoy the excellent image the shopping industry once had”

The campaign has also been driven by the establishment of the government’s Tourist VAT Refund Scheme.

Both developments have given the Fijian travel shopping industry “a new lease of life”, said Prouds Chairman and CEO Mahendra Motibhai Patel (CBE).

“Given this we are now able to bring vibrancy and promote shopping in Fiji as internationally competitive and present our stores and merchandise in the most desired manner,” he said.

“This “˜See Compare Buy’ campaign is all-embracing and will enlist the support of Tourism Fiji so that our visitors are aware that Fiji is once again an attractive shopping destination,” he said.

“In the past years we have acquired a very negative image pertaining to the shopping industry as we had to contend with duties & taxes and VAT. The negative image will take some time to erase but we believe with our campaign we will once again enjoy the excellent image the shopping industry once had.”

Patel said the company was grateful to the Government for making the changes. He said all the retailer’s suppliers are supportive of the new campaign.

He cited the example of Austrian crystal house Swarovski, which is organising a Swarovski VIP event at Prouds Suva Central. Similar promotions are planned for other product categories.

Patel continued: “We are planning a long-term campaign to take full advantage of the Government’s initiative and support to the shopping industry.

“Prouds is pleased with this latest very positive development in the shopping industry and is deeply committed to the industry to provide the ultimate in shopping experience to all visitors to our shores and our very own residents,” he concluded.

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