Aldeasa-Alpha Kreol and Beam Global celebrate Onam in Cochin

INDIA. Aldeasa-Alpha Kreol India is rolling out a major three-month promotion at Cochin International Airport with Beam Global Spirits and Wines to coincide with Onam – the largest festival in the state of Kerala.

Kreol Travel Retail Chief Executive A.S. Lal said that the campaign underlines the importance of the occasion. Onam is celebrated over a span of ten days and involves elaborate meals, floral floor designs, folk dances, and many more cultural events involving families and entire neighborhoods. Expatriate Keralites often link their annual homecomings to this occasion, which is also a major tourist attraction, he noted.

“This is the first time Beam Global [via Teacher’s whisky] have taken part in a mega event. Let’s hope the sales as well as the visibility will create absolute excitement,” said Aldeasa-Alpha Regional Manager Dimantha Kinigama.

The Beam Onam Mega Celebration starts in August and features scratch cards; dollar-off pricing; prizes such as televisions, watches and cameras; and daily prizes of Teacher’s goody bags.

“We have put together an entertaining promotion. It will definitely be a success,” said Cochin Duty Free Manager Ravi Chandran.

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