Hendrick’s and International Shoppes in ‘show-stopping’ promotion

US. William Grant & Sons Global Travel Retail has partnered with International Shoppes for what it describes as “a show-stopping” Hendrick’s Gin “takeover” of New York JFK and Philadelphia airports over the summer of 2011.

The ambitious high-profile promotion campaign represents a step change in the company’s approach to strategic brand building in North America travel retail. It’s also the biggest-ever investment behind the self-styled ‘most unusual gin’, Hendrick’s, in the channel globally.

Welcome to the ‘quintessential Hendrick’s Victorian Hothouse’ at Jet Blue’s iconic JFK Terminal 5

The promotion at JFK Terminal 5 offers tremendous visibility for the ‘most unusual’ Hendrick’s brand

During a two-month period, more than 3 million travelling consumers are being introduced to the “unusual delights” of Hendrick’s Gin, via a series of high-profile brand activations, culminating in the “˜quintessential Hendrick’s Victorian Hothouse’ – a major concourse activity at Jet Blue’s iconic JFK Terminal 5 from 5-12 September.

The high-profile activities at JFK and Philadelphia, timed to coincide with the busy summer period, include Hendrick’s Birdcage merchandising units, Ice Cream Cart sampling bars, Victorian croquet sets and huge Hendrick’s in-store branding featuring bountiful roses and cucumbers.

As a final flourish, Hendrick’s has installed its largest activation in global travel retail to date – an “˜enchanted’ Victorian Botanical Hothouse in the middle of the JFK Terminal 5 concourse. This, said William Grant, gives travellers a “truly unexpected and unforgettable brand experience”.

The promotion makes much of the brand’s unusual cucumber-infused blend

Tastings (pictured here in Philadelphia) are an integral element of the high-profile promotion


William Grant described the Hendrick’s Victorian Hothouse as “part sampling bar, part interactive brand experience”. It noted: “From its magnificent gothic frontage and cucumber weather-vane, to the Ice Cream Tricycle sampling bar, and the outrageous interior & exterior decoration, the Victorian Hothouse embodies the world of Hendrick’s Gin in a compelling way.”

Once escorted inside by brand-ambassadors, travellers are welcomed into the “odd” world of Hendrick’s and, at the Ice Cream Tricycle Bar, they sample the signature Hendrick’s cocktail – the Hendrick’s Gin & tonic, with a cucumber garnish. There they can explore a wide array of Hendrick’s-inspired oddities and artefacts, as well as a peculiar selection of mysterious plants (including cucumber vines and rose trees).

Celebrating ‘a most unusual’ promotion: William Grant & Sons Global Travel Retail Managing Director Rita Greenwood (right) with Regional Marketing Manager, the Americas, Paige Parness pictured at JFK Airport Terminal 5

Bristling with innovation but more than lip service: A traveller checks out a range of moustaches on display

International Shoppes Vice President Scott Halpern commented: “As shown earlier this year with the installation of the impressive Glenfiddich Crystal Stag gondola, William Grant & Sons has proven a true strategic partner by consistently investing behind its great portfolio of super-premium brands. We are proud to partner with them once again in such an impactful activation as the Hendrick’s summer programme and Victorian Hothouse. Sales have been great and consumers are definitely talking about Hendrick’s Gin.

The Philadelphia story (above and below): Great in-store display including a 25ft long branded cashier area

William Grant & Sons Global Travel Retail Director for North America Steve Corrigan and Paige Parness raise a glass

William Grant & Sons Global Travel Retail Managing Director Rita Greenwood said: “The Hendrick’s activities with International Shoppes at JFK and Philadelphia are an excellent example of two of William Grant & Sons’ strategic objectives: To invest behind our core brands in the GTR channel, and to up-weight the key North America Travel retail market.

“We are extremely excited about creating our first ever travel retail concourse initiative in such a compelling and unusual fashion,” said William Grant & Sons Regional Marketing Manager Paige Parness. “Hendrick’s Gin is such a unique brand that we wanted to present it in an equally unique way that would give consumers a fun and engaging experience.”

Toasting a unique spirit of partnership: William Grant & Sons Regional Marketing Manager, the Americas, Paige Parness with International Shoppes Vice President Matthew Greenbaum

Rita Greenwood and Paige Parness of William Grant & Sons with International Shoppes’ Matthew Greenbaum

The promotion is a real feather in the cap for the Hendrick’s brand in North American travel retail

The Hendrick’s Birdcage at JFK Airport Terminal 5


William Grant & Sons, Ltd is an independent family-owned distiller headquartered in the UK and founded by William Grant in 1887. Today, the luxury spirits company is run by the fifth generation of his family and distils some of the world’s leading brands of Scotch whisky, including Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, and Grant’s as well as Hendrick’s gin, Sailor Jerry rum, Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and Milagro tequila.

Above and below: The promotion pictured at JFK Terminal 8 with International Shoppes

(Left) Rob Knowles, William Grant & Sons Director of Events, Momentum World Wide applauds the success of the high-profile airport promotion with Jim Ryan, Hendrick’s Brand Ambassador, William Grant & Sons USA

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