‘Lashes without limits’: Smashbox introduces new mascara collection

Smashbox Cosmetics has launched its latest mascara collection, comprising three products, into travel retail locations in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

X-Rated is a buildable mascara which features Tripod fibres that twist and wrap around each lash, claiming to double the volume while remaining clump and smudge-free. The Triple Threat Brush is made with three rows of bristles that are said to isolate individual lashes for clump-free definition.

Created on set in Smashbox’s LA photo studio, the mascara collection features X-Rated mascara (left), Photo Finish Lash Primer (middle) and Indecent Exposure mascara

Indecent Exposure comes with a Zoom Out Brush which claims to separate lashes and provide length. According to the brand, a micro spiral tip makes it easy to capture small inner lashes, while wavelength fibres stretch as the mascara is applied.

Photo Finish Lash Primer features a pre-conditioning formula that is said to make any mascara last longer while conditioning lashes to prevent flaking or smudging. The Two-Timer Brush comes with molded bristles which enrobe each lash and a comb to ensure each lash stands out, said Smashbox.

Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor Davis said: “Changing a lash look on a photo shoot is messy and takes too long. With our new formulas, I can layer a lash to be sultry and sophisticated or knockout sex kitten with a few sweeps, without any clumping or gunking.”

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