Mäurer + Wirtz targets international expansion – 17/05/05

GERMANY. Mäurer + Wirtz is planning to further “internationalise” its business, primarily through its varied licensed brands portfolio, according to Marketing Manager International Sales Tanja Zimmermann.

“We have our own Tabac brand [created in 1959], which has a lot of history,” she told The Moodie Report. “Then we have our licensed business, which started about 10 years ago.

“Our best-sellers include brands such as Betty Barclay and s.Oliver – the fashion link helps make these great for European markets. But we are planning to “˜internationalise’ more, and expand into other markets all over the world.”

The company entered China last year, and is poised to open India soon. South America is another key region. “First we will target Brazil, then Ecuador and Paraguay,” confirmed Zimmermann.

The company has built on the original Tabac fragrance franchise with new scents, including Tabac Man, Culture by Tabac and Tabac Sport.

The latter in particular, presented in a fresh turquoise packaging, targets a younger, more sporty clientele.

Other key launches this year include Uomo Mare from Carlo Colucci and the eye-catching Fishbone line.

“This targets a younger, fashion-conscious market,” explained Zimmermann. “The core age range is roughly 14 to 29.”

The women’s fragrance is presented in pink and white packaging; the men’s in a complementary blue. Both flacons are reminiscent of a fish’s head/torso, complete with coloured eye motif.

The outer cartons also feature a fish skeleton design.

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