Patrón unveils travel retail exclusive Cask Collection Sherry Añejo

Patrón Spirits is set to extend its travel retail exclusive offering with the addition of Patrón Cask Collection Sherry Añejo. It will be showcased at TFWA World Exhibition (J35, Green Village).

The ultra-premium tequila is made from high-quality Weber Blue Agave which is steam baked in brick ovens for three days. The agave is then crushed, fermented and distilled using the tahona process, together with the roller mill method. After distillation, the tequila is aged for more than two years in oak barrels that were previously used to produce Oloroso sherry.

Patrón Sherry Cask Añejo (80 proof) is characterised by its medium-gold colour and offers tastes of pecans, caramel, raisins, light vanilla and butter.

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A limited run of Cask Collection Sherry Añejo has initially been produced for release in duty free in early 2017, prior to a broader roll-out in domestic markets.

Patrón Master Distiller Francisco Alcaraz said: “I have been working with sherry casks for several years – to achieve the perfect balance of the unmistakable taste from the oak without losing any of the characteristic flavour of the agave – and I’m very proud to now present Patrón Cask Collection Sherry Añejo.”

Patrón’s entire portfolio of tequilas and liqueurs will also be highlighted in Cannes, including the brand’s new one-litre bottle for travel retail.

Patrón Spirits International Vice President Global Travel Retail John Kilmartin said: “Travel retail continues to play a vital role in the global growth and success of Patrón tequila, which is why we’re committed to offer unique duty free exclusive products and packages in this important retail channel.”

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