‘A great December’ caps vibrant year for commercial revenues as Zürich Airport targets CHF500 million barrier – 15/01/08

Peter Eriksson: “We should this year scratch the CHF500 million [US$45.9 million at today’s exchange rates], which would mean a milestone.”

SWITZERLAND. Zürich Airport finished 2007 with a flourish as commercial sales (defined as retail and food & beverage combined) rose +14.4% to CHF41.9 million (US$38.4 million) in December, outstripping passenger growth of +7.1%.

For the full year sales rose by +11.4% to CHF435.1 million (US$399.1 million), again well ahead of passenger growth of +7.8%. That represents the third consecutive year of commercial double-digit growth at Zürich, following increases of +11.7% in 2006 and +14.7% in 2005.

Chief Commercial Officer Marketing & Real Estate Peter Eriksson said: “With a great December we achieved again a very good year with commercial results well over-performing passenger growth.

“All ampels [lights] are on green, be it duty free, retail or food & beverage, landside as well as airside. With several new concepts in place since the end of 2007, enlargement of retail space landside, and some new anchor stores airside we are confident that 2008 will also be a good year for Zürich Airport.

“If no major negative impacts occur we should this year scratch the CHF500 million [US$453.9 million at today’s exchange rates], which would mean a milestone for us.”

Airside sales drove growth in December and 2007 overall, rising by +20.3% and +16.1% respectively. Landside sales did fairly well considering the recent security constraints, rising by +7.6% in December and +5.4% for the year.

Net sales per departing passenger rose +6.8% to CHF52.15 (US$47.80) in December and by +3.3% for the year to CHF41.95 (US$38.46). Airside, that indicator increased by an impressive +12.3% in December and by +7.7% for the full year. Landside, it edged ahead by +0.4% in December but fell by -2.2% during 2007.

Passenger traffic reached 20,739,113 in the year, highlighted by a +28.8% increase in the low-cost sector to 1,753,758. Charter traffic fell by -14.5% to 1,147,699.

All regions showed growth with Latin American passenger numbers up by +12.3%, North America by +9.6%, Europe by +8.0%, Asia by +5.6% and Africa +4.0%. The figures will be presented in more detail in this week’s edition of The Moodie Report PDF and e-Newsletter.

FOOTNOTE: Peter Eriksson was named one of The Moodie Report’s six industry “˜People of the Year’ for his contribution to airport commercial revenues in 2007. Click here to read the full 2007 review.


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