Budapest Airport and Gebr Heinemann celebrate 20 years in partnership

HUNGARY. Budapest Airport and Gebr Heinemann are celebrating 20 years in partnership.

The first Heinemann Duty Free store at the airport, covering 640sq m, opened in 1998. The retailer has “continuously been at the core of Budapest’s shopping experience” since that time, the airport said.

Heinemann now operates 2,320sq m of retail space in Budapest Airport’s SkyCourt. As well as a central walk-through store, it operates two boarding gate shops, three specialist fashion outlets, a Victoria’s Secret unit, and a multibrand accessories store.

Budapest Airport CCO Kam Jandu presented Hungarian Heinemann Duty Free Director Ildikó Jankovich with 20 bottles of exclusive 20 year old Villanyi Cuvee wine to mark the retailer’s 20th year of operations at the Hungarian gateway.

“Gebr Heinemann has always been a loyal and important business partner for the airport,” said Budapest Airport CCO Kam Jandu. “Providing a unique retail offering for all our customers, together we have expanded and established a successful duty free operation which has become the pillar of our shopping experience.”

Budapest Airport and Heinemann noted that they had run many marketing initiatives together in the past 20 years. The partners said they had presented 30 local brand Trinity promotions in the past five years alone, three international collaborations, a co-branded loyalty programme (Heinemann & Me) and have most recently participated in the BARTA initiative.

Heinemann’s sales at the airport have increased by over +50% since 1998, and the retailer said it consistently achieved the highest percentage of regional product sales there across its entire operations.

The partners said their joint focus on offering Hungarian products had been key to the success, and the airport has become one of the largest export points for local produce, including Pick Salami, Zwack Unicum, Tokaj wine and chocoMe, among others.

“Our Budapest shop is number one in Heinemann’s entire European network in the distribution of original, branded food items.”

“Over the past 20 years, Budapest has grown passenger numbers from 3.9 million in 1998 to an expected 15 million this year, representing an increase of +377%,” said Jandu. “During this time, we are delighted to have partnered with a progressive retailer like Heinemann Duty Free. They have evolved to become an integral part of selling Hungary’s top brands to travellers from around the world, which makes Budapest Airport very proud.”

Hungarian Heinemann Duty Free Director Ildikó Jankovich commented: “For years now we have placed special emphasis on supporting the products of Hungarian manufacturers. It is no coincidence that our Budapest shop is number one in Heinemann’s entire European network in the distribution of original, branded food items.

“Over the past years, the proportion of Hungarian premium category products reached 25% of our turnover, which is an exceptionally good result and also meets the demands of foreign passengers. During the past five years we featured no less than 30 different Hungarian products in our Trinity promotions, involving the duty free item, the producer and the airport.”

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