Marie Brizard takes a revamped brand portfolio to IAADFS show

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits (MBWS) has refreshed the presentations of several of its brands ahead of this month’s IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas in Orlando (Booth 727).

The Marie Brizard liqueurs range features a contemporary look, which is said to assert the brand’s strong personality. MBWS said the liqueurs are “riding high on the wave of the cocktail trend”.

Gautier-VSOP-Etui-16-HD copy
An “accessible craft Cognac”: Gautier highlights its craftsmanship

A strategic makeover for Gautier Cognac has resulted in a new brand personality and package design based on craftsmanship, heritage and know-how, MBWS stated.

Highlighted as an “accessible craft Cognac”, Gautier emphasises the role of natural elements (wood, water, Cognac eaux-de-vie) in the Cognac making process. Its new packaging features vivid imagery of vineyards and rivers.

Shotka, the high strength-flavoured vodka targeted at night-clubbing fans, will also be featured in Orlando.

Shotka: The flavoured vodka with an “unexpected” taste

The vodka is said to stand out because of its “unexpected” cannabis taste. Shotka will launch in the US domestic market this spring, with interest and demand expected to grow rapidly, MBWS said.

“While the ABV of Shotka has been lowered in domestic markets to qualify it as a Hemp Spirit drink, the travel retail version retains its high strength of 50% ABV, making it a duty free-exclusive,” the company stated.

Sobieski Polish rye vodka will also be presented at the show. The high-quality rye grain used in production is said to provide a rich taste and silky finish.

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits Global Travel Retail Director Kevin Baker said: “The Americas has been a very strong region for us. In the USA Sobieski saw huge growth in the important states of California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, while in Canada we saw significant success in Ontario and Alberta.

“Gautier is currently the number one Cognac in Quebec, and number four nationally. We are also seeing excellent results in New York. The Marie Brizard range of liqueurs has 12 SKU’s listed in Canada and we are still seeing growth vs 2015, while Marie Brizard Blue Curaçao is currently number one in Quebec.”


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