Panos Emporio meanders in to Cannes with innovative new beachwear

Scandinavian beachwear brand Panos Emporio debuts at TFWA in Cannes next week with innovative swimwear designed to change the way men sunbathe (Stand: Bay Village 3B).

A blend of Scandinavian simplicity and Mediterranean sensuality is said to be a feature of Panos Emporio designs. Since its first swimwear collection in 1986, Founder and Chief Designer Panos Papadopoulos has celebrated his Greek heritage by naming his designs after Mediterranean mythology. Meander is described as the “greatest celebration so far in his journey as a designer”.

Panos Emporio believes its Meander design will change the way men sunbathe

Meander, according to Panos Emporio, is “a unique, multi-wear design that enables men to wear swimming shorts in a variety of different styles for a dynamic and free experience”. The wearer can open up the sides and transform the swimming shorts into a brief. The fabric has a soft finish and quick dry effect and an anatomic inner brief is included.

“An infinite passion has been put into the design to execute every detail and create the perfect fit for every man,” Panos Emporio stated.

“As a first-time exhibitor we understand the importance of offering new ideas to travel retail buyers,” said Panos Emporio Travel Retail Manager Cesar Ibarra. “We are constantly looking to introduce new swimwear products that are exciting and innovative; these shorts definitely fulfil that brief.”

In Ancient Greece the meander pattern was treasured art and represented a free mind and new ideas, according to the company. It has embraced this historic symbol by incorporating the pattern into its latest design, which has been under development for several years. Meander will be the icon of Panos Emporio’s 30th anniversary in 2016.

Papadopoulos said he found inspiration from decades of studying how people use beachwear. He noticed that men all over the world rolled up their swim shorts in order to try and get a perfect tan and to feel freer. “This trend has been highlighted by some of the most famous Hollywood stars and football players worldwide. Meander is designed to embrace this trend in a stylish fashion, providing a solution to millions of men,” Panos Emporio stated.

“For three decades I have found my greatest inspiration from fascinating people around the world who aspire to a passionate and boundless life,” Papadopoulos said. “This new beachwear product is my homage to you. The launch of my latest design innovation is the perfect way to celebrate Panos Emporio’s 30th anniversary – I’m sure the product will be extremely popular in travel retail.”

In the multi-wear design, the sides open up to transform the swimming shorts into a brief
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