Video series: How travel retail can benefit from digitalisation – Adil Raihani, Peter Mohn & Kian Gould

INTERNATIONAL. In the second part of a special five-video series, AOE Founder and Chief Executive Kian Gould and m1ndset Owner and CEO Peter Mohn discuss airport shopping trends, and how travel retail can benefit from digitalisation with Adil Raihani, Co-Founder & CEO of The Blueprint Partnership.

Part one of the video series, posted yesterday, looked into consumer behaviour change in travel retail.

We’ll be showing all five videos in the run-up to The Trinity Forum 2017, to be held in Bangkok on 1-3 November.

Both Gould and Raihani will take part in a key session at The Trinity Forum entitled ‘Driving and combating disruption – positive and negative – in airport commerce’.

They discuss how digitalisation can benefit travel retailers by making shopping at the airport more convenient. “It all comes down to convenience. This is something airports have to change if they want to create a model that is compelling to people and has something unique to offer,” says Gould.

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