Dallas/Fort Worth Airport seeks concessionaires for Terminal A

US. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is seeking proposals from retail and food & beverage concessionaires to operate a number of locations in Terminal A. A recently released Request for Proposals (RFP) covers four shops, a food & beverage unit plus three services.

The commercial environment at Dallas/Fort Worth is being upgraded as part of a US$1.9 billion Terminal Renewal and Improvement Programme (TRIP), which began in February. Terminal A handled 13.9 million passengers in 2010 – around 25% of the airport’s total.

The first of the retail units will occupy 1,826sq ft of space and house three or four shop-in-shops. Suggested concepts may include clothing, pre-packaged gourmet foods, fragrances, pet products or accessories. The term is for seven years and there is a Minimum Annual Guarantee (MAG) of US$123,100.

The second retail unit on offer is for a jewellery concept in 634sq ft of space. The contract term is seven years, with a MAG of US$64,700.

The airport said: “This location should feature fine and semi-precious jewellery and some fashion jewellery. Accessories should not be part of the merchandise mix. The décor and storefront should reflect a contemporary, upscale jewellery store.”

The other retail unit is for an open-concept store in 2,200sq ft of space. It comes with a seven-year contract and a MAG of US$90,000.

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport noted: “This retail location has been designated as an open concept, which means that the proposer can propose the concept they think will best fit the area. This location is near concepts that lend themselves to health and relaxation.”

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is being upgraded via a US$1.9 billion investment programme

The food & beverage concession is for a baked desserts concept in 743sq ft of space. The contract is for five years and has a MAG of US$90,600.

The location should feature an assortment of freshly baked dessert selections. The dominant product line may be cookies, pastries, pies, cupcakes, cheesecakes or other freshly prepared baked goods, the airport said.

Terminal A concessions sales hit US$54.1 million (22% of total) in financial year 2010, with food & beverage at US$36.4 million (67% of Terminal A sales) and retail at US$17.7 million (33% of Terminal A sales). Total concessions sales at Dallas/Fort Worth in 2010 hit US$242 million, according to the airport.

Plans for the revamped Terminal A include the allocation of +50% more space for concessions after the TRIP renovations are complete, addressing projections for passenger counts in 2020 and beyond.

The RFP was initially released in late June, with the latest date for questions about the process on 15 August, and a bid deadline of 30 August.


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